The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) will be supporting Canada's gaming industry at GDC2017.

Trade Commissioners representing Brazil, China, France, Germany, Taiwan, Turkey and the United States will be present at GDC, and will broker introductions between interested buyers and participating companies.


BRAZIL:                              Ms. Claudia Kakunaka

CHINA:                               Ms. Lavender Gao (Beijing)

                                             Mr. Jason Walsh (Shanghai)

                                             Ms. Min Yang (Guangzhou)

FRANCE:                             Mr. Tudor Hera

GERMANY:                         Mr. Rémi-Jacques Nadeau          

KOREA:                               Mr. Kevin Jo              

TAIWAN:                              Ms. Sonia Lee

TURKEY:                             Mr. Baris Satar

UNITED STATES:               Ms. Christine Shun (Silicon Valley)

Trade Commissioners not present at GDC can also provide support in connecting you with foreign companies in their region, such as:

JAPAN:                               Ms. Akiko Onozuka

UNITED STATES:              Ms. Madeline Cook (Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee)

                                             Mr. David Smith (Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Wyoming, Utah)

                                             Mr. Troy DeFrank (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington)

                                             Ms. Lucy Gharibian (Southern California, Nevada, Arizona)

If you are interested in meeting with companies from any of the above regions, please contact the Trade Commissioner in the Regional Office of your province/territory: 

British Columbia:        David Marshall (located in Vancouver)

Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba:      Cyril Borle (located in Edmonton)

Ontario:           Pratima Rao (located in Toronto)

Quebec:           Robert Landry (located in Montreal)

Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, Prince Edward Island: Stéphane Crépeau (located in Halifax)